Cash for Cannes


Cash was critical at the Cannes film festival, well it’s critical everywhere. But let's just talk about Cannes for a minute.  How much do you really need for the film festival? If you had Euros life was easy you could negotiate taxi’s to t-shirts.  American money was not as easily accepted and credit cards meant you were charged up to 25% more in many places.  But how much cash do you really need?  I made daily visits to my ATM to pull out Euros and then had the task of spending the remainder in the airport at 6am, which by the way only food carts were open.  I boarded the plane with a food baby from the many pain au chocolate.  I reviewed my MINT app which showed how I averaged 50 Euros per day, that's not too bad but it is tight.  I found free espressos, sponsored drinks at gatherings and protein bars everywhere.  Walking saves on taxi's which take too long anyway and meals can be reasonable throughout the city other than in the hotels.  Cannes is doable. Don't think you need a lot of money to go to Cannes. You can be creative and go, so go!  There's no other festival like it in the world.



The Cannes Film Festival is the most prestigious festival in the world. If you love movies you must go just once. There’s no other festival in the world like it.  I actually started speaking and dressing differently. I ate more bread than ever and met incredible people from all over the world.  The festival is one big water cooler moment that runs for about 10 days. Everyone is talking film, from the actors to the money to the distribution and of course the story.  If you love movies you will love Cannes, just don’t stay too long. Too much of a good thing does wear on you.  As much as I loved it and accomplished a lot I am happy to be heading home.  Jusqu'à l'année prochaine!