Change: Welcome to the new IndieFlix website.

Hallelujah we did it!

Change is always a bit of a challenge.  While we crave it, need it and struggle with it, we cannot stop it; so we must embrace it.   Welcome to the new IndieFlix website


The new site is only the tip of the iceberg. We have several roll-outs planned with fun ways to interact with the filmmakers, the content and each other while ultimately contributing to the greater good of the filmmaking community.  Soon you will be able to do things like give films as gifts, create your own branded channels and support filmmakers’ current and future projects. Mostly you will be able to find movies that are engaging, controversial and worth talking about.  We’re going to make this easy for you.  Keep your Netflix account but add IndieFlix. Then you’ll have access to Hollywood content and the world’s favorite independent movies. Plus, you’ll be supporting filmmakers because every minute watched on IndieFlix the filmmaker gets paid.

With more and more films being released every year it’s getting harder and harder to figure out what to watch.  I search and discover to the point of exhaustion and end up watching a re-run of Law & Order.

As our library grows I’m constantly banging my head against the wall trying to figure out how to navigate an ocean of independent movies and answer the number one asked question, “What should I watch?”. After all, Jennifer Lawrence and Johnny Depp aren’t always featured in indie films.  So, to get the ball rolling, we have just launched our new site with an editorial section that will grow a lot over the coming months.  We will feature filmmakers and tell their stories. We’ll point out extremely controversial films where filmmakers risked their lives or spent years to make, and we’ll share some of the most magical, funny and treasured gems in our library.  We want you to know why you should watch these movies, beyond the fact that they have won awards or played at a hundred film festivals.

Think about it…. there are over 50,000 films made every year around the world. Hollywood releases roughly 600 of them in a good year. Yes, there are some serious turds out there but there are also a ton of wonderful films that should be experienced.  We accept about 3-5% of all submissions. Our job is to find the favorite independent movies, shorts, documentaries and web-series in the world and share them with you.

We’re going to be pushing a lot of new functionality out very quickly, so please give us feedback and we’ll do our best to address it as quickly as possible. We are a very small team with BIG aspirations. We are inspired by our industry. We are up for the task. We welcome you to join us!

Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a wonderfully, bumpy ride!

Thank you,

Scilla Andreen

CEO & Co-Founder IndieFlix